11 Jan 2009
January 11, 2009

Top of the country top truck

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“Mangonui Haulage Ltd has been a dominant force in the Far North for over 28 years concentrating initially on the livestock sector and latterly extending its operations into logging, bulk and concrete supply.

Their image has been one of their major selling features. “If you can’t present your gear in a clean and tidy fashion, it is taken for granted that you can’t carry the freight to customer requirements either,” says Dennis Sparksman of Mangonui Haulage.

Dennis has been at the helm for a large number of those 28 years but has gradually stepped back from the day-to-day running of the operation bringing in his son Sean to manage the livestock division and son-in-law Darren Brott to manage the general freight side of the company.

Mangonui Haulage started with a Ford 2418 which was set up as a convertible with removable crates to cover livestock and carry bulk when required. The livestock volume has steadily increased over the years and the fleet grew to seven livestock rigs by 2000 covering the Far North and south to Auckland and Hamilton.

In 1990 Mangonui Haulage began the cartage of thinnings from JNL’s Aupouri forest which continued until October 1999 when JNL began clearfell operations. The Mangonui team obtained a contract to haul the clear felled logs into JNL’s mill, to date, approximately three million tonne has been processed. This contract saw an immediate increase in their fleet size and today the total fleet consists of 42 trucks and combinations. The total includes four concrete trucks, two bulk rigs to supply the concrete plant, livestock and log combinations.

The company has been in its current depot on the Mangonui bypass for around 15 years and they have recently secured a depot in Kaitaia
which has a Beaurepaires branch on site.

Mangonui Haulage has a replacement program that maintains a high standard of reliable trucks, their most recent purchase is this month’s TOP TRUCK.

It is an Isuzu Giga CYJ 530 8×4 fitted with the 530hp engine, which is linked to the latest Isuzu AMT 16-speed gearbox and drives through Isuzu RT210 rear axles. The engine produces 1680 lb/ft at 1300 rpm and the 530hp peaks at 1800 rpm. Diff locks are fitted and the rear end sits on Isuzu four bag air suspension.

This Isuzu rig has drum brakes all round. The trailer runs on SAF axles and suspension and all wheels are Alcoa with 19.5 on the trailer.

Fairfax constructed the complete four-axle trailer and the truck crate. The set-up is dedicated to cattle only with two decks on both
truck and trailer. “There are not a lot of sheep in the north so our livestock transport is directed mainly to cattle,” said Sean, “But we do have two combinations able to take either cattle or sheep.”

The TOP TRUCK is set at 20 metres, a gross weight of 44 tonne and has a tare of 20.5 tone, allowing a payload of 23.5 tone.

The total Mangonui Haulage presentation is done in-house with Darren, Sean and the company’s painter, Warren Mirko, doing all the
painting and graphics. With the efforts of this talented combination, the company is able to maintain the very high standard of presentation seen constantly on the northern highways.

The Isuzu was purchased through TCL Isuzu in Auckland and the contract was organised with Joe Lincoln, Isuzu sales executive with that

Published in NZ Trucking Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009
Source: Fairfax Magazines | Story: Wally Bowater
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