04 Sep 2013
September 4, 2013

Chocolate & orange Hino

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“The chocolate and orange colours of Mangonui Haulage Ltd are becoming more prominent in the upper North Island as the organisation expands its operations in both livestock and log haulage.

The company has been located in Mangonui since 1980 when Dennis Sparksman started hauling livestock as an owner driver with an International. The business expanded to the point where the depot he was operating out of became too small and Mangonui Haulage moved into its current depot on the bypass through Mangonui on State Highway 1, 20 years ago.

Since the move they have established an additional depot in Awanui, north of Kaitaia and are currently developing a new depot in the Awanui area close to the tri-board mill.

Over the years Mangonui Haulage has purchased a number of different brands of truck and since moving into the log hauling business have had to look closely at the performance and costs of the many different brands offered for sale to the New Zealand heavy road transport industry.

Nissans, Mitsubishis, Isuzus, and in the early days, Internationals have all appeared somewhere in the Mangonui fleet and recently the company purchased two Kenworths for their logging fleet, followed by two Scanias for livestock.

When the time came to look at re-ordering trucks, it was found, after an extensive evaluation of existing models in the fleet, that the 530 Isuzus were not going to feature in the company’s five year plan.

The latest brand of preference has been the Hino 700 series, and with the package deal presented by Hino, Mangonui Haulage has placed an order for nine new Hino 700 trucks delivered over a 15 month period. All will be deployed to the transport of logs mainly into the tri-board mill in Kaitaia.

This month’s TOP TRUCK is the first of the order of nine to be delivered and is spec’d with a 450hp Hino engine and an 18-speed Roadranger gearbox connected to Hino diffs sitting on 6-rod suspension. The diffs are fitted with diff locks but there are no added components outside of the standard specifications.

The Hino tows a refurbished 2008 trailer and the rig is driven by Steve Shearer. Steve has spent the last few years driving a 530 Isuzu, which was also a brand new truck when it came to Mangonui haulage.

On his first trip into the Upper Kaitaia Forest, Steve noted that first impressions were that the unit had plenty of power and was considerably quieter than previous trucks.

The balance of the Hino order will be delivered either as replacements or as add-ons to the fleet of log trucks which currently numbers 32. Mangonui Haulage also has eight stock combinations, two bulk combinations and three concrete trucks. The concrete trucks work out of the plant at the Mangonui depot.”

Published in NZ Trucking Magazine, September 2013
Source: Fairfax Magazines | Story: Wally Bowater
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